If you’re like many, you may have found yourself asking why some construction projects seem to take so long. It seems like certain new construction buildings are erected quickly while others seem to stall in the first phase of construction for several months. What could be causing delays in commercial construction projects? The following variables are some of the main contributors:

Design Complexity

Some business owners may not realize that more complex construction projects take time to complete well. Regardless of a contractor’s experience, custom fabrication and unique design elements will likely add additional time to the planning and execution of a given project. These more complex commercial construction projects can also take more time to fund as they cost considerably more to finish.

Planning & Pre-Construction

Proper planning and seamless coordination between the general contractor, the owner, the architect, the subcontractors, and all other personnel involved in the construction process is key to a smooth project. Without a solid pre-construction plan in place, a project can suffer unexpected delays, which is why the pre-construction phase is so important.

During pre-construction, a knowledgeable general contractor will gather site information and create safety assessments to evaluate the operational risk of a given project. The contractor will also obtain the proper permits, surveys, and inspections required to complete the build. Taking time to ensure compliance with state and local building codes ensures that employees and site visitors are safe from potential hazards. Thus, while the pre-construction phase can seem lengthy, advanced planning and a keen understanding of the commercial construction process on the part of the general contractor will ultimately aid in a more successful project from start to finish.

Overlapping Construction Bids

Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly common for some construction entities to get overzealous with their project delivery timelines. More inexperienced contractors will often struggle to manage their many ongoing jobs, which can result in staffing issues that can lead to expensive delays in the current phase of construction for weeks or even months.

That’s why it’s essential to work with a commercial construction company that will value your project and will do everything possible to respect the agreed-upon project delivery timeline. And, while good construction takes time, a good contractor will ensure that each of their clients are equally important – never leaving an existing project in limbo for another bid.

Material Availability

The same supply shortages that individuals are currently experiencing at the grocery store or other retail shop also apply to general contractors. Construction firms have to find ways to be more resourceful when collecting necessary building materials. However, in today’s challenging environment, there’s only so much that contractors can realistically do. No matter the contractor’s skills and experience, the unpredictable business climate may end up causing unavoidable timeline conflicts and delays.

Pricing Hikes

A few years ago, it was much easier to provide a more accurate quote when estimating the total cost of a construction project. Now, with material prices constantly on the rise, total construction costs are more difficult to ascertain. Material inflation has unfortunately stalled many projects.


Regardless of the issue, an experienced and reliable general contractor will team up with their clients to try to plan for and/or resolve unforeseen delays. Working with a quality commercial construction company provides invaluable experience and a sharp attention to detail, which combine to provide the best possible outcome for any given project. Talk to one of our Wier professionals to determine how the build process would look for your next commercial construction project.

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