No matter the type of project, conducting the right planning in advance creates a strong foundation for project completion and success. Regarding commercial construction projects, the pre-construction phase – also known as the planning phase – is critical in order to try and maximize overall project investment. To ensure the greatest return on a commercial construction project, it is important to hire one of the most experienced general contractors to not only assist with pre-construction planning but also to help guide the entire construction process.

In this blog, we will discuss a few important considerations with respect to effective pre-construction planning.

A clearly defined vision for everyone to see and follow

When a business owner or investor has an idea about a future construction project opportunity, enlisting the help from a licensed general contractor can transform this idea into reality. During pre-construction, a skilled commercial general contractor will work with its client develop a clearer vision of how a project will take shape during each step of the construction process. In doing so, the contractor helps to define the scope of the project and helps to determine construction scheduling and planning. This provides a roadmap for success for everyone going forward.

Feasibility of the construction project

The feasibility of a construction project can be affected by such factors as project scope, project budget, and project site constraints – among many others. Thus, a feasibility study is often performed during the pre-construction phase to determine whether a particular a project can be completed within a desired timeline and within an expected budget. This pre-planning analysis is important because it allows for open dialogue between the contractor and the client regarding realistic project initiation and completion goals while also helping to identify possible alternatives with respect to potential obstacles.

Cost requirements of the project

An experienced commercial general contractor can help a client recognize the costs associated with a given project through the use of professional cost estimating. This is an important part of pre-planning so that clients can establish a viable budget in order to successfully initiate a project. Cost estimating also helps to pinpoint areas that may need revision to try to avoid budget shortfalls.

Risks and issues associated with the project

Pre-construction planning is the most time-intensive step of the entire construction process; however, it is essential for successful project execution. In addition to determining expected project scope, feasibility, and cost, pre-construction planning also addresses a myriad of other project-related concerns, including building permits, site evaluation, subcontractor criteria and selection, building materials, equipment requirements, etc. Working with a general contractor that has a deep understanding of these issues helps to identify potential risks early on in a project’s lifecycle.

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