Every successful commercial building project requires the participation of several key personnel, including the owner, architect, and general contractor. In commercial construction projects, a construction general contractor is responsible for ensuring the entire project runs smoothly.

A general contractor is typically responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing a construction project from #PreConstruction to #DuringConstruction to final delivery – regardless of scope.

General contractors are also responsible for creating project timetables, purchasing work permits, overseeing subcontractors, and ensuring that the project complies with all state and local building requirements.

General Contractor Duties

1. Making A Project Plan

A responsible construction plan ensures that the project is completed within a reasonable timeframe and budget and often includes:

  • Making a Project Plan
  • Subcontractor vetting
  • Equipment and material requirement identification
  • Risk management and safety assessment
  • Communication plan development

2. Executing the Project

A general contractor’s duties demand a strong attention to details, including:

  • Assigning a project team that is well suited to the project’s size and industry
  • Ordering enough materials and necessary equipment
  • Hiring subcontractors
  • Obtaining all work permits
  • Following local building codes and state regulations
  • Providing regular updates to the owner

3. Tracking Project Progress to Final Completion

A general contractor is responsible for keeping track of a project’s agreed-upon timeline and making any necessary adjustments, which ensures:

  • More cost-efficient construction methods
  • A consistent supply of resources
  • Workplace safety
  • Quality, on-time delivery

An experienced general contractor plays a critical role on any project team. It’s important to consider a contractor’s track record to ensure overall seamless coordination.

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