Opening a new or remodel auto dealership, medical office, or other commercial establishment is exciting, but you must first plan ahead and know upfront how long it may take. While the construction process can be stressful and time-consuming, business owners can team up with a reputable general contractor to successfully control many of the variables involved with commercial construction for a more streamlined project.

Estimating the project timeline can often be difficult, especially when considering various complexities related to project scope, location, state and local building requirements, material procurement, etc, but hiring the best commercial contractor for the job will aid in planning and help to minimize unexpected delays. If you operate in Houston, New Braunfels, or Arlington, Texas, and the surrounding areas, or if you have a business in Louisiana, Arkansas, or Oklahoma, consider Wier Commercial Construction. For business owners who operate in other states, take the time to read the suggested considerations below before choosing a general contractor.

The Commercial Construction Process

Commercial projects require substantial planning, effort, and resources to accomplish. Each construction phase is critical to the project’s outcome and has a unique timeframe. Here is an overview of the construction process:

Pre-Construction: Planning, Design, and Pricing

Everything starts with setting up a consultation with your chosen general contractor who will utilize all given information, including your building requirements, land configuration, location, and other variables, in order to create a conceptual cost estimate. This pre-construction phase typically lasts several weeks, allowing the client time for revisions and additional design input. After a final design is approved, more accurate pricing can be obtained since the team will have the exact square footage and other details related to your commercial space.

Detailed Design, Permits, and Compliance

The next step in the pre-construction phase is permit acquisition, which is important for adjusting the design in order to comply with local building requirements properly. This pre-construction phase involves the architect and all environmental, structural, and other engineers.

Once your final approval is given, your general contractor’s project managers will work with the requisite city officials to obtain all necessary permits and approvals before construction begins. It is important to note that some local authorities can take upwards of two months to approve a new commercial building.

The “During” Construction Phase

The timeframe for the actual construction stage will vary greatly depending on the project’s complexity and scale. This period usually includes procuring building materials and securing subcontractors to actively begin construction. From pouring concrete to running utility connections, this stage can take anywhere from several months to over one year to complete.

During this stage, your project managers will coordinate with various construction professionals, including electrical engineers, HVAC technicians, and others, in order to bring your project to life. A quality general contractor will ensure only the best, most reputable superintendents and subcontractors will be on the job. 

Experienced commercial construction companies like Wier, offer a single point of contact throughout pre-, during, and post-construction to streamline the entire process from start to finish. Teaming up with your chosen contractor prevents gaps in communication, keeps your total project cost in check, and ensures a higher quality building overall.


After your new building or remodel is finished, it’s time to perform all necessary inspections, obtain required certifications, and get the final stamp of approval from local authorities.

However, Wier Commercial Construction doesn’t walk away after the final project is delivered. While the post-construction phase officially marks the end of the actual construction process, our team is always avaialble for any warranty issues or other concerns that may arise after completion. We stand by every project, and – more importantly – we stand by our valued clients.

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