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Wier is dedicated to providing exceptional value throughout the construction process, and we do this through Value Engineering.

What is Value Engineering?

According to the Whole Building Design Guide, a program of the National Institute of Building Sciences, Value Engineering “is a creative, organized effort, which analyzes the requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total costs (capital, staffing, energy, maintenance) over the life of the project.”

Simply put, our team works with you to make sure you receive the most value for your investment, now and in the future. Our experts utilize innovative ideas, materials, and techniques so you can see your vision come to life.

At Wier Commercial Construction, we do more than build buildings.

We create long-lasting relationships with our customers and team members because we genuinely love what we do and the people we work with.

Why Us?


You can be sure that every design option has been analyzed


The cost savings throughout can be substantial


Enhanced project functionality


Scope statements and cost estimates are rigorously scrutinized

Why Us?


Complete projects quickly without sacrificing quality


Lower owner risk


Work side by side with you every step of the way


Truly care about the projects and relationships we build

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When was Value Engineering initially employed?

While construction experts have been taking advantage of Value Engineering for a while now, it was first applied in World War 2 by the manufacturing industry.

How would you describe your team?

Each one of our experts enjoys their work, and our customers even have favorite staff members, which says a lot. They are creative, outgoing, funny, motivated, and always reliable. We could not have assembled a better group of people if we tried.

When is Value Engineering typically deployed during a construction project?

While Value Engineering can be used throughout the process, it is generally utilized during the design and pricing phases.

Do you construct buildings in my industry?

If your work is in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Oklahoma we can help. At the end of the day we are a full service general contractor and believe we are an asset on any type of project. If your project is in the automotive, retail, medical, aviation, or industrial sector, we’re more than happy to assist.

I’m looking for a full-service general contractor. Can you help me?

Definitely! We can help with practically everything, from pre-construction consulting to post construction servicing. Take a look at our other services here.

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