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Collaborative and creative solutions that save you money, stress, and time.

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Wier is a groundbreaking company that you can rely on to provide innovative construction solutions. We use the design build project delivery method to deliver efficient and superior results that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is the design build method?

When utilizing this method, you, the owner, oversee one contract, and there is only one point of responsibility. Instead of working apart, like in a more traditional method, our motivated project managers collaborate with the project designer and architect from the outset, giving consolidated project guidance, and the team jointly addresses any issues that may occur. Our goal is to provide valuable and creative building solutions and function as your single project resource.

Wier Commercial Construction isn’t your typical construction company.

We’ve never taken a cookie-cutter approach to our construction projects, and never will. We take your project ideas, and we work hard to turn them into a state-of-the-art building that you can be proud of. Choosing the design build process with us saves you money and time and supports cooperation, higher-quality work, and new methods.

Why Us?

We are a large volume General contractor that still has the mom and pop feel.

We believe this is what sets us apart from many General Contractors and this sense of family translates into how we treat and care about our clients.


Lower owner risk

Complete projects quickly without sacrificing quality

Truly care about the projects and relationships we build

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Our secret to success is simple: doing right by our clients and the people we collaborate with.

Our responsive team is ready to help make your vision a success, so contact us today to learn more.





How many projects actually use the design build method?

The design build method is used by almost half of United States construction projects.

What are the drawbacks of utilizing a traditional project delivery method?

Having two distinct contracts can cause conflict between a contractor and a designer. If an issue arises, they may hold each other accountable for the schedule shifts or budget overruns, which could result in legal action, setbacks, and increased costs.

Is design build a new method?

The term was officialized in 1993, but the method itself has existed for thousands of years under various names.

What are your areas of expertise?

We work with designers and build automotive, retail, healthcare, aviation, and industrial facilities.

Which locations do you work out of?

We work out of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

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