What is it like to work with one of your staff members?

Our clients have described our team as outgoing, reliable, funny, creative, and adventurous. They deliver outstanding work and are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

What kind of projects do you work on?

We have expertise in automotive, retail, medical, aviation, and industrial facilities. 

How much experience does your team have? 

How much experience does your team have?

Our team has completed over 1,000 projects over the last 30 years. On average, our field superintendents have over 20 years of field experience.

Does pre-construction consulting save time and money?

Yes, working with us early on can save you considerable time and money over the duration of the project.

Where do you work?

We currently work in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

What is the distinction between a project manager and a construction manager?

A project manager supervises every aspect of a construction project, while a construction manager supervises field activity, like materials and workers.

Can I get a cost estimate?

Yes, we can provide conceptual cost estimation and at no additional cost to you.

If I contact Wier Commercial Construction today, would I be communicating with a sales rep?

We don’t have a business development or sales staff since our work speaks for itself, but you would be able to connect with a project manager. 

What additional services do you currently provide?

From pre-construction consulting to equipment installation to post construction servicing, we do it all. You can explore our services here.

I’ve looked through your services, and I don’t see what I need.

We pride ourselves in providing custom building solutions. Feel free to contact us; our experienced staff is happy to assist in any way they can.

During the building process, who does the construction manager work with in particular?

In addition to working with you, the owner of the project, they also work with the general contractor, architect, project manager, consultants, and other collaborators.

How much experience do your field superintendents have?

On average, our field superintendents have more than 20 years of knowledge in the field.

I’d like to see some of your work. Where can I find it?

You can check out our interactive portfolio here.

What are your subcontractors like?

Rest assured that we exclusively solicit bids from professionals we know and trust. Building a reliable relationship matters to us.

What additional skills does a construction manager bring to the table?

Not only do they have the expertise to accomplish their role, but they are also adept at utilizing intricate planning techniques and project management information systems (PMISs).

How many projects actually use the design build method?

The design build method is used by almost half of United States construction projects.

What are the drawbacks of utilizing a traditional project delivery method?

Having two distinct contracts can cause conflict between a contractor and a designer. If an issue arises, they may hold each other accountable for the schedule shifts or budget overruns, which could result in legal action, setbacks, and increased costs. 

Is design build a new method?

The term was officialized in 1993, but the method itself has existed for thousands of years under various names. 

What are your areas of expertise?

We work with designers and build automotive, retail, healthcare, aviation, and industrial facilities. 


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