In the past few years, the retail/restaurant sector has faced widespread industry disruptions.
Thankfully, our Wier professionals have extensive experience working with retail and restaurant companies. They work tirelessly to create strong relationships with our clients and always strive to deliver successful projects. Moreover, our team’s commitment to customer satisfaction and retention is unmatched. From office buildings to restaurant chains, rest assured that Wier Commercial Construction has the requisite industry knowledge to help achieve your project goals.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction is the first step in ensuring your next retail/restaurant new or remodel project is a success. From pre-construction consulting to value engineering input and everything in between, Weir is the premier choice for construction management, delivering projects on-time and within budget.

Construction Services

Our company uses the design-build project delivery method, which differentiates us from other construction management firms because we work together with our clients, owners, architects, engineers, and others to efficiently provide superior results you won’t find anywhere else.

Indeed, our professionals take a collaborative approach to employ unique design ideas for both new and remodel retail/restaurant projects to enhance the in-store experience and help attract new customers on behalf of our clients.

Post-Construction Services

Even after a project is completed and successfully delivered, our commercial construction team is ready to assist with warranty issues and other concerns. At Wier, we truly care about the people and businesses we work with, and our foremost concern is building lasting relationships with our clients and ensuring their complete satisfaction.



Many of our clients in the industry are rethinking their business models in order to build a stronger, more loyal customer base. Our Wier team is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to building impressive, innovative retail/restaurant commercial construction projects without compromising our clients’ visions and budgets or the project’s schedule and safety. Whether it’s a family-owned cafe, or an independent retail outlet, our experienced team can help make any project deisgn a reality. To date, our Wier professionals have completed well over 35 retail/restaurant commercial construction projects. Request a bid and see why we’re the top general contractor for new or remodel retail/restaurant buildings.


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What are the challenges of retail and restaurant construction?

One of the biggest challenges is timing since retail/restaurant construction projects often have tight timelines to meet the demands of their new and existing customer base. Understandably, these industry clients want to continue or resume selling their goods and services as soon as possible. This requires close coordination among all parties involved to ensure that construction is completed on schedule.

Logistics can also be a challenge for retail/restaurant construction projects as these sites are often located in busy, high traffic areas with limited access. This poses challenges for construction crews and suppliers to deliver materials and equipment to the job site and requires careful planning to minimize disruptions to the surrounding area. To ensure that construction can proceed efficiently, safety is also a top concern
– especially if the retail/restaurant business remains open during construction as the site must be safe for workers, customers, and other visitors. This requires adherence to strict regulations and the implementation of safety measures, such as scaffolding and barriers, to protect both the workers and the general public.


What is considered restaurant or retail construction?  

Retail construction typically refers to the process of building or renovating commercial spaces that are used for selling goods or services directly to consumers. This can include the construction of shopping centers and other retail outlets. Restaurant construction is an important subset of this industry and includes the process of designing, planning, and building facilities that are intended to provide food and entertainment for patrons.

Retail/restarant industry construction projects may involve the construction of new buildings from the ground up, or the renovation and expansion of existing spaces. All of these projects involve a team of professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors, and interior designers, who work together to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing for customers, functional, and safe. These projects will often also require careful planning as they must meet specific requirements related to zoning, building codes, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. Some of the special design components of retail/restaurant construction projects may also include unique entertainment spaces, like outdoor areas, patios, and/or courtyards.

Are there specific requirements for retail and restaurant industry projects?

The requirements may vary depending on the location of the project, but there are some common requirements that need to be taken into consideration. For instance, retail/restaurant construction projects must comply with zoning regulations that specify the type of commercial activity allowed in a particular area. Building codes also need to be followed, which specify the minimum requirements for structural, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, fire safety, accessibility, and other important factors.

In addition, many jurisdictions require new construction projects to meet specific energy efficiency standards, which may require the incorporation of innovative energy and environmental designs, lighting systems, and HVAC systems. Retail/restaurant construction projects also need to be accessible to people with disabilities and comply with environmental regulations that govern issues, such as waste disposal, stormwater runoff, and air quality. Food and beverage service is another key area of focus for restaurant industry projects since they must also adhere to regulations related to food storage, preparation, and service. Meeting these requirements is crucial for obtaining necessary local permits and approvals and to ensure the new or remodeled building is safe and fully compliant. Ultimately, retail/restaurant industry projects must prioritize the safety and comfort of customers while also complying with all applicable industry standards.


How long do retail/restaurant commercial construction projects take to complete?

The duration of these projects can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and complexity of the project, the location, and the availability of materials. In general, however, a small retail construction project, like the remodel of an existing space, may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. These types of projects involve minimal site work and primarily focus on interior space redesign. Larger retail/restaurant construction projects, such as the construction of a new store or restaurant location, can take several months to a year or more to complete. These new construction projects require more extensive site work, including excavation, foundation construction, and exterior construction. Overall, the timeline for retail/restaurant construction varies greatly, so it is important to work closely with your project team to establish realistic goals for completion and monitor progress throughout each stage.