The industrial sector is an extremely significant sector of the economy as it is made up of businesses that help other businesses with either manufacturing, shipping, or producing products. At Wier, we are also in the business of helping other businesses. Wier’s construction experts work diligently to build strong client relationships, and they have a comprehensive understanding of industrial construction. With our continual drive for excellence, our customer service is unmatched. Contact our professionals for your industrial construction bid today.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction is the first step in ensuring your next project runs smoothly. From pre-construction consulting to value engineering input and everything in between, Weir is the premier choice for top-quality industrial and manufacturing projects delivered on time and within budget.

Construction Services

Our experts use the design-build project delivery method, which differentiates us from other general contractors because we work together with our valued clients, experienced architects, and a suite of engineers to provide superior results you won’t find anywhere else. Our construction professionals collaborate as a team to create state-of-the-art industrial industry projects based on our clients’ visions and how they do business.

Post-Construction Services

Even after a project is completed and successfully delivered, our commercial construction team stands ready to assist with warranty issues and other concerns. At Wier, we truly care about the people and businesses we work with, and our foremost concern is building lasting relationships with our clients and ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Wier Knows Industrial Construction

Our team is composed of experienced construction professionals dedicated to building quality projects without wavering from the client’s needs and budget or the project’s schedule or safety. To date, we have proudly completed over 20 industrial industry projects. Our experts work closely with our industrial clients to reimagine their building needs to aid in their future success. Request a bid and see why we’re one of the top general contractors for industrial, storage, and manufacturing facilities.

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How do I begin the industrial construction process?

Starting industrial projects may seem complicated, but they are completely achievable with a dedicated and experienced team. Hiring experienced local professionals to oversee the construction activity will ensure the necessary resources are allocated seamlessly while ensuring that the final project is safety-oriented, cost-effective, and successful. A local team that prides itself on quality is key, which is why Wier is the preferred choice for those looking to build industrial buildings, warehouse structures, manufacturing facilities, and more. Simply call Wier’s friendly team of experts to discuss your unique planning needs.

What is the difference between light and heavy industrial industry construction?


Heavy industrial buildings are designed for heavy-duty industrial operations that involve large machinery and equipment, like manufacturing plants, steel mills, and power plants. These buildings are typically constructed with steel and concrete, which can withstand the heavy loads and stresses associated with heavy industrial operations. They also tend to have high ceilings and large spans to accommodate large machinery and materials.

Light industrial buildings are typically much smaller in scale and much simpler in design and construction than their heavy industrial industry counterparts. Buildings of this type often include spaces used for assembly, disassembly, fabricating, finishing, manufacturing, packaging, maintenance shops, metalwork, millwork, cabinetry work, and warehousing. Unlike heavy industrial, these light industrial projects are typically not over two stories tall.

How long does industrial construction take?

Evolving industrial technologies and requirements, post-pandemic materials and supply shortages, client budget, and other variables, will dictate project timelines and whether some industrial facility projects will take longer than others. However, the typical timeline to construct an industrial facility is between ten and eighteen months and will vary based on complexity and location. For a detailed delivery and cost estimate, please contact Wier’s friendly team of professionals and request a bid.

What is considered industrial construction?

“Industrial” refers to a business that manufactures goods or turns raw materials into products; thus, industrial industry construction is very specialized. There are various aspects to consider with these projects, including meeting occupancy and voltage operation requirements to planning for parking lots that can accommodate semi-trailers. An industrial industry project will also often house extensive machinery and may need pressurized air, heavy ductwork, high-capacity ventilation, storage tanks, and other highly specific construction attributes.


What is an example of an industrial building?

An example of an industrial building is a manufacturing plant or factory. These buildings are designed for the production of goods and often contain specialized equipment and machinery to facilitate the manufacturing process. Industrial buildings can also include warehouses, distribution centers, power plants, and other facilities used to produce or store goods. Depending on their operations, they may be located in industrial zones and are often designed to be functional and efficient rather than aesthetically pleasing.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial construction?

Commercial construction is focused on building for commercial purposes, like office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, healthcare, and other consumer-focused structures. These projects often include creating a functional, inviting, and comfortable space for both customers and employees. Commercial buildings are constructed using such materials as steel, concrete, and glass, and they often have aesthetically appealing features, like large windows, attractive facades, and modern design finishes.

By contrast, industrial construction focuses on building factories, power plants, distribution centers, and other similar type facilities. Industrial industry construction emphasizes functionality and efficiency rather than design aesthetics. Because industrial buildings house specialized equipment and machinery, they are constructed with materials that can withstand the heavy wear and tear of industrial operations.