Healthcare consumers have more choices in how and where they spend their healthcare dollars, so medical companies are responding with new construction solutions to try to improve overall patient experience. At Wier, we are experts in helping healthcare companies create the perfect spaces for both their customers and staff. Wier’s construction professionals work diligently to build strong client relationships, and they have a comprehensive understanding of healthcare construction. With our emphasis on teamwork, communication, and attention to detail, our customer service is unrivaled. Contact our professionals for your healthcare construction bid today.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction is the first step in ensuring healthcare construction projects run smoothly. From pre-construction consulting to value engineering input and everything in between, Weir is the premier choice for top-quality projects delivered on time and within budget.

Construction Services

Our experts use the design-build project delivery method, which differentiates us from other general contractors because we work together with our valued clients, experienced architects, and a suite of engineers to provide superior healthcare commercial construction. Our hardworking and knowledgeable staff create state-of-the-art projects based on our clients’ visions and how they care for their patients.

Post-Construction Services

Even after a healthcare facility is completed and delivered, our team stands ready to assist with warranty issues and other concerns. Just like our medical industry clients who truly care for their patients’ wellbeing, our Wier professionals genuinely care about the business and people with whom we work. Our mission is to deliver impeccable customer service and innovative projects that exceed client expectations. 

Wier Knows HEALTHCARE Construction

As with many business sectors, there is a lot of uncertainty in the healthcare industry. However, our team is composed of professionals who are highly skilled in building and remodeling quality commercial medical buildings and office spaces to help our valued clients better succeed in these challenging times. Our impressive track record in the industry includes over 400 medical clinics and over 370 dialysis clinics over the past 25 years. Request a bid and see how we become an integral part of our healthcare clients’ successes.

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How do I begin the healthcare construction process?

When beginning the construction process, it is essential to work with a reputable healthcare construction company that will have extensive experience in the type of healthcare facility in which your business operates. A quality construction company will also have a team of experienced professionals who can guide you through the process–from initial planning to final construction. They will work closely with you to understand your specific needs, as well as your patients’ needs, while also ensuring that the facility is safe, functional, and efficient. Moreover, a reputable healthcare construction company will be familiar with the latest technologies and materials and will be able to incorporate these seamlessly into the design. This can help ensure that your facility or office space is equipped with the most advanced equipment and infrastructure, which can enhance the quality of care you are able to provide to your patients.

How long does it take to build a healthcare facility?


The amount of time it takes to build a healthcare facility can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the project, the location of the facility, and any unforeseen challenges that may arise during the construction process. Typically, building a local or regional healthcare facility can take anywhere from 10 to 18 months. One of the biggest factors that can influence the construction timeline is the planning and design phase, which can often take several months to complete as it involves developing detailed plans and ensuring that they meet all necessary codes and regulations. Once the design is finalized, the actual construction phase can begin.

How does the healthcare environment, itself, affect medical facility construction?

The healthcare environment has a significant impact on the design and construction of medical clinics and facilities. One important consideration is infection control. Healthcare facilities must be designed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, which requires careful attention to such issues as ventilation, room layout, and the selection of materials that are easy to clean and disinfect. Another important consideration is patient comfort and safety. Healthcare facilities should promote healing for patients, so the surrounding environment should ideally incorporate design elements, like natural light, quiet areas for rest and reflection, and easy navigation and accessibility for all. Lastly, the healthcare environment also has an impact on workflow and operations. Thus, a well-designed healthcare facility should support effective patient care delivery, including providing appropriate spaces for such key clinical activities as patient exams and treatment, as well as office spaces for more administrative functions.

What are the biggest challenges of healthcare projects?

One major challenge of healthcare construction is meeting regulatory requirements related to infection control, patient safety, and patient accessibility. This requires a thorough understanding of the regulations and careful attention to detail throughout the construction process. Another challenge is managing costs since medical-related construction projects can quickly become expensive. That is why it is crucial to have honest, open, and timely communication with your general contractor in order to monitor expenses while also identifying areas where cost savings can be achieved without sacrificing quality. In addition, especially during a remodel or expansion project, keeping a medical facility open for business is also a significant challenge. An experienced commercial contractor will understand how to minimize disruptions to patient care during the construction process so that your professionals can continue to provide high-quality care. Finally, managing timelines is also a significant issue. Medical construction projects often have strict timelines, and delays can seriously affect patient outcomes. Effective planning and communication throughout all phases of construction is essential to ensure that the project stays on track.