An automotive dealership or car showroom is a critical commercial construction project with special considerations during the planning stage. Your dealership design plays a significant role in helping customers get an overview of your inventory and services make an informed decision about one of their most expensive purchases. Everything should be planned accordingly to deal with a range of clients and their specific needs.

Professional automotive general contractors can help dealers visualize and plan to make their unique ideas and designs come to life. Here’re a few things to remember to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your dealership design when planning a new or remodeled car showroom:

Initial project requirement gathering

A professional automotive general contractor knows how to manage a commercial construction project as per the specific dealership’s requirements. Together, they work to optimize a design that accommodates the customers and staff in the best possible way. For example, the sales team should be able to see the inventory lot without any obstructions while customers should have clear routes and easy access to all the key service areas, like the service shop and showroom. It is also important to determine the size of the showroom in the planning stage in order to accommodate the number of cars to be displayed.

Dealership/showroom design considerations

There are many factors related to showroom design and its location, which could affect attracting potential customers. The showroom should ideally be highly visible, as well as aesthetically pleasing in a design sense. Also, the display area and overall layout have a major impact on efficiency and sales. To provide the best visibility of new car displays, it’s best to utilize a double-height display area. It is also important to hire automotive general contractors who incorporate energy-efficient design elements with environmental control strategies to meet the most up-to-date design trends.

Design permissions

It is very important to obtain all the planning and design permissions for each planned project, which are time sensitive. Examples include site location, traffic flow, lighting, and drainage systems. Permission for location and traffic movement is very critical as they directly impact dealership operations and success in the long-term.

These are all baseline considerations when planning for a new or remodel automotive dealership or expansion.  Professional automotive general contractors have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the many requirements that auto dealers and owners are faced with when starting a construction project. If you are looking for more guidance on pre-and-post-construction considerations for an upcoming project, contact us at:
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