We at Wier are excited to announce that Westside Lexus was recently named one of the winners of the Houston Business Journal’s 2020 Landmark Awards. HBJ has recognized this outstanding project and we are very proud of the work we did as the General Contractor.

The official announcement of the award came on September 24, 2020 via live online broadcast. During this event, HBJ announced Westside Lexus as the winner in the Commercial Retail Estate Category. This facility was one of 51 finalists, which were divided into 19 different categories.

According to the Houston Business Journal, the winning projects were recognized based on the following: Excellence in land planning, construction, design, economics, marketing, and management. All of the real estate projects that were completed between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 in the greater Houston area were eligible for nominations.

Winners were chosen based on their impact on the Houston area. Impact, in this case, refers to a number of factors, such as job creation, innovation, land use, site planning, visual planning, development of the surrounding neighborhoods, amenities, and environmental friendliness.

The 557,817 square foot Westside Lexus facility exists on 10 acres of land and is one of the largest Lexus retailers in all of the United States. It features a two-story showroom that holds 15 vehicles and 45 sales offices. The pre-owned showroom also has room for another 5 vehicles plus 26 sales offices.

Westside Lexus Award Winner

Westside Lexus boasts an enclosed service drive that can accommodate over 28 vehicles, as well as an enclosed space with several different lounge areas and amenities for customers. The second floor is home to business offices, administrative offices, an 80-person training room, and storage space for additional parts.

Every square inch of the building’s space is maximized, and it’s an impressive structure both inside and out. It perfectly reflects the modern, luxurious, and exclusive elements of Lexus’ branding while still remaining streamlined and minimalistic.

Ever since our foundation in 1991, our company has been a pillar of the community, and we’re excited to continue improving Houston and the surrounding area. For more information on our services and examples of our work, visit our portfolio.